#PatientEngagement & #MedicationReconciliation

Paradigm shifting of different responsibilities in the office has occurred in the last 6 months since having the capability to have the patient follow along on the large screen TV.  This has given me the opportunity to take on chores most often traditionally done by others.

One of these is the ability to do all of my own Medication Reconciliation with the large screen magnifying all of the current medications.  I will delete and add till my list and my patient’s list match up.  I do this at every visit, if needed.

My father in law, who happens to be an extremely successful businessman and farmer, once told me, “never ask your hired man to do something you would not do yourself.”  This has always stuck with me. And I am really glad, because when I take the time and go through each and every medication at every appointment, it is time very well spent.

I always ask, if a paper or electronic copy (sent to their portal), of the updated medication list is needed.  The list is very legible with medication allergies and my contact information listed. I have a printer in every exam room and I give them a paper copy and have them check it over right there, if requested.

It has become normal standard operating procedure for me to do this “task”, but it really is not work, and I cannot thank my father in law enough for giving this advice.

What is extremely curious are the comments from my patients who see other providers, and this is not a criticism, but an observation.  An example of one, “Well at least when I come to see you I do not have to go through the medications multiple times with multiple people for a routine visit, I hand them your list any way and it makes the job easier, I appreciate you doing that for me.”



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