#EmbeddedPatientEducation with #UpToDate for #PatientEngagement

Okay, back to the love fest for a bit with my EHR, but another really great feature is having Up To Date embedded.  I pay for Up To Date, which is a fantastic resource, but it resides within my EHR so Up To Date is very easily accessible while in the patient’s chart. There also is another educational component called 5 Minute Clinical Consult, and of course, using the Chromebook with VNC viewer, I have a third option, and that is detaching from my main data base by clicking out of VNC viewer and doing a Google Search.

Any of the three options, I project on my large screen TV and can wax on eloquently with the subject at hand, and hammer on as need be, which can be reinforced with a paper copy of any material my patient wishes or I think helpful.  Or this could be sent electronically to their portal depending on their wish.

Now the 5 Minute Clinical Consult,  is tied together with the diagnosis code listed, so for instance #401.1 is the number one diagnosis code in the EHR, then the topic Hypertension pops up automatically.  This topic is extremely well displayed and reviewed on the large screen, and furthermore the EHR will capture this event in the plan section, so I do not have to type or dictate that I did this with the patient.

So the face to face educational opportunities are just that, golden, and time well spent and with the #ProjectedEHR quite a bit of fun.  And my EHR makes it so easy, I think it would be harder to do the education off the top of my head.



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