#Chromebook with #HL7 labs & #PatientEngagement

I struggle with environmental versus genetic causation for behavior, but a little bit of both may be blamed for the didactic teaching with the wall mounted TV in the exam rooms.  My father is a retired teacher of both Algebra and Physics which he pummeled into me in High School.

However, back to the matter at hand,  Quest Laboratory directly imports into my EHR, and the ability to graph out HL7 results and project to the patient on the large screen is just cool.  The HL7 imported result is different than the PDF.  One can click on any result and several years of the specific parameter is instantaneously graphed over time with the HL7 function unlike the PDF format.

I use my cursor on my Chromebook or my straight edge to review and educate the wonderfully displayed results of LDL, HgA1C. BUN/Creatinine, and  Liver function test results so the patient gets both visual and auditory drumming.

I never realized work could be so fun, and patients really do like this, trust me.

I suppose the teacher in me with the newfangled “chalkboard” is starting to surface, and part of the blame is my old man.


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