#Chromebook for #PatientEngagement using VNC Viewer

I think VNC Viewer for Chrome is another really intriguing application that enhances the breadth of function of the Chromebook

The VNC viewer allows me to remotely control my dual monitored office desktop, where all of my patient data is accessed.  My office desktop is Microsoft Operating System dependent.  When I detach from VNC viewer, I then use the Chromebook Linux Operating System.

Two hits on the Chromebook, which as a Physician, are strengths in my opinion, are lack of storage and processing power.  First of all, I do not want to store any patient information on the Chromebook, and second, I do not need any processing power, such as running a printer.  I have those two components storage and processing power on my Microsoft dependent desktop at the office.

So VNC viewer for the Chromebook allows me to alternate the Linux Operating System of the Chromebook, when detached, or the Microsoft Operating System when remotely controlling my office computer, depending on my needs.

Also, VNC viewer allows two ways to hook up to my data base at the office, either behind the firewall or porting through the firewall whenever outside the office.

So at the office, I use the Intranet, or behind the firewall connection to my data base, so if I lose Internet connection, I can continue working, and I do not have to go out into the Internet when using the Chromebook connected to VNC viewer. So, in essence, I am taking my “dual monitored desktop” with me to the exam room.

Outside the office, I use the Internet and access through the firewall, so that I can take my “dual monitored desktop with all of the patient data and processing power” with me when connected to VNC viewer, when in fact no patient data resides on the Chromebook in reality.

I use the Enterprise, paid for version of VNC viewer for Chrome which works marvelously well in or out of the office.


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