Why the Chromebook in the exam room?

I think this affordable, durable 14 inch screened device may revolutionize point of contact care in the exam room.

With an EHR that projects extremely well on a large screen TV mounted to a wall, my patients can see immediately as we discuss their care, graphed out lines of blood pressure, weight, and body mass index values.

Laboratory values such as HgA1C or Lipid parameters are easily displayed and results graphed out over time, easily understandable and utilized to discuss response to treatment.

The Chromebook functions as my “dual monitored desktop” with an application called VNC viewer made for Chrome.  So the need for a desktop in every exam room has been replaced by a Large screen TV wall mounted, and I take my “desktop” to the exam room.

So the Chromebook mirrors the EHR  on the large screen TV, while I am controlling my main computer in a remote fashion.




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