The Paradigm shift in #PatientEngagement

Several years ago, the chart and office visit, in my mind were concrete and fixed. The papers I carried in my hands, and the 30 minutes were enveloped in rigid constraints.  These concepts I never entertained otherwise. 

Not so long ago, the expansile, mobile aspect of both the chart and office visit became unusually clear.

Now, the chart floats between my desktop, chromebook, large screen TV and nurse’s desktop, and it has an element of fluidity. The office visit is no longer contained within the 30 minute face to face, but now starts 3-4 days before the visit, when the patient reviews the results of his labs on his laptop at home, and  extends when the patient reviews his summary of the visit on his smart phone 2 hours after the face to face.

This ever changing aspect of the chart and office visit, to say the least, has peaked my curiosity, and wonder what the next several years will bring engaging our patients.


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