My Hope in #PatientEngagement

I hope in 5 years that it will be unusual, an oddity not to see your electronic record projected on a large screen while visiting with your physician. The beauty of an EHR is that it displays meaningful information that can be edited and modified by you the patient.

You should be correcting me the doc, when I have your Knee replacement surgery on the wrong side under the Past Medical history section while being reviewed, or your dad being the one with heart disease and not your mother.  You should see the drug drug interaction display showing red and high risk and ask me why, when I e-prescribe.

You should ask why the Health Maintenance reminder is showing up red and reminding me to order a screening ultrasound for an aneurysm when you come in for your welcome to Medicare examination a bit late.

The technology is not only currently available, but it works great, and my patients do not mind correcting and helping me out, and I relish it.



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