How do I tie together my #PatientPortal & e-faxes, editing?

As discussed with Kristine Crane from US News, recently I mentioned UPDOX briefly.  However, this tool needs much more time in the spotlight, and one I love to wax on about because it is so difficult to describe.

Updox is a cloud based solution that plays extremely well with my EHR, and all incoming and outgoing faxes, secure messages, and editing occur in the inbox that I share and co-manage with my nurse.

Until I got Updox my nurse spent a quite a bit of time scanning, now with one designated fax# all in and outgoing faxes are easily managed, and edited going into or out of the EHR record.

Secure messages in and outgoing, are managed by my nurse who also takes care of the telephone and scheduling, so she has the flexibility to respond and connect with the patient as she sees fit.

After an office visit my nurse with the click of a button will send the summary of the visit to the patient portal and office note to three separate physicians, instantaneously.

When a normal mammogram report  comes into the Updox inbox my nurse will attach a templated letter and simultaneously send to my EHR inbox and the patient portal.

Updox plays a critical role in enhanced care of patients in the office.



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