Are all EHR’s the same for #ProjectedEHR ?

I think not. But I have not used any other EHR nor do I care to.

However, I can speak for the one that chose me.

The one designed by a doc, affordable with a free trial period and consistently rated at the top in physician surveys, and easy to use spoke to me.

I do not know if projecting the EHR on a large screen was in the mindset of the designer, but it does not matter, because this one really works!

With a combination of Dragon Medical, templating, and typing, documenting is very intuitive and done with the patient in the exam room or in my office, so the summary of the visit will be popping up on the patient’s portal via smart phone before they get back to work.

So why the love fest with my EHR?  Because it is the glue that ties everything together and other tools to enhance patient care can be added quite easily.

It keeps me doing what I love and that is spending quality time with my patients.


2 thoughts on “Are all EHR’s the same for #ProjectedEHR ?

  1. It would be great if you had a link to your video here along with a short blurb that I could share @Cascadia


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